Mama Cat Sanctuary

a private ministerial association, 508(c)(1)(a)*
a non-profit Private Membership Association (PMA)

Our Mission is
to assist every living soul throughout planet Earth to reconnect to its inner guidance system and operate with empowered responsibility.

What We Do

To help with the Mama Cat mission, we create inspiring material to assist women, men, girls, and boys around the world feel that it is their right and duty to the Greater Consciousness to self-empower and fully take personal responsibility in their lives.

Much To Do Before a Dog

To start, a children’s book was created by co-founder mother/daughter duo, Danny and Sheridan, Much To Do Before a Dog, a true story about learning how to take personal responsibility.  We suggest asking your local mom-and-pop bookseller to order it for you.

Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence

Our next endeavor premiered globally in April, 2021. Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence is a 12-episode documentary film series that reveals the scientific data supporting intuition, historical perspectives, and expert tips on how one may tap into one’s own intuitive abilities to experience every-day, extraordinary successes.


Currently, any Superpower email subscriber may join us on SP LIVE!, a monthly program with guests featured in the docuseries.  It is a free and more in-depth way to touch on a broad range of topics from reading auras to quantum physics, psychokinesis to intuitive eating, lucid dreaming to DNA reprogramming, and so much more.


Who Can Join

Anyone who resonates with our mission is welcome to join as a member. You do not have to pay to become a member.

All membership activities occur within the private domain only.

Membership provides exclusive access to information not currently provided elsewhere.

Member Benefits

Currently, we offer free monthly programs featuring the experts from Superpower to stay current on their latest findings and to learn about their offerings in more depth.

Plus, if you donate in exchange for something Mama Cat creates, naturally, you receive noted benefits.

Ways to Become a Member

  1. Volunteer your time
  2. Volunteer your expertise
  3. Donate money
  4. Donate to view the film
  5. Express your interest in being a part of our community as a member

As a member, how will you help us spread the good word of our mission?

Like anywhere, public or private, there are agreements we make to live as safely and peacefully as possible. Mama Cat Sanctuary Membership Agreement

We need your help

We have A LOT of work to do if we expect our message, Go within to decide,™ to reach and affect every living soul.

If you can envision what our world would look like once everyone does this, then please consider offering up your help. Our small and mighty team simply cannot do it alone. Whether it is a donation, partnership, referral, recommendation, or suggestion, we’re listening:

* Mama Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit not registered with the corporation of The United States of America nor with the corporation of any State therein. Some or all of your donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with a tax specialist to know whether or not your donation qualifies.